Adaptable training for the 21st century

Sketchbox combines best in class commercial technology with cutting-edge software to solve complex training challenges.


Our tools are designed for stand-alone, battery powered VR headsets, which can be carried in a daypack and work anywhere.


With networked multiplayer and the ability to ingest any kind of 3D data, Sketchbox can simulate any scenario or exercise.


We’ve created the building blocks, like design tools, to make creating VR training simulations substantially cheaper.

Our Story

We’ve spent years developing technical building blocks which can be quickly assembled into fully functioning VR training applications for Fortune 500 companies like IBM and 3M.

We’re headquartered in San Francisco and backed by some of Silicon Valley’s top venture firms in including YCombinator and General Catalyst.

We're focused on portable VR headsets, like the Quest, that will truly democratize access to VR training, revolutionizing the way we learn and acquire skills.