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Why We’re Here

We believe the future of learning is immersive.

Internet connected computers have driven the cost of learning to the zero bound, leading to huge gains in human productivity and well-being. But the way most learning happens is still stuck in the past, it’s passive - we read, look, listen or watch - which is a problem, since the best learning is active, happening in person. 

In the future of learning we envision, the best way to learn anything will be in an immersive virtual environment, that is interactive, collaborative and is led by an AI driven instructor.

To make this possible, we saw the need for a new set of underlying tools, and infrastructure. That’s why we founded Sketchbox, which is funded by Y Combinator, General Catalyst and other top tier VCs.

What We Do

We make products for immersive learning

We’re focused on creating the world’s best immersive learning platform, where one can learn anything, from anywhere, without ever setting foot in a classroom, or training facility. To achieve this, we build infrastructure for securely creating, managing, and deploying immersive learning at scale.

We tackle problems at the source

Our customers have a deep understanding of what’s important to learn, and how it should be taught. We have proven products and an engineering mindset. We send our engineers into the field to work directly with our customers— speaking with subject matter experts, deploying our products, and producing operational results in months, not years. By establishing a true partnership, we help customers get the most out of our products and engineering expertise.

Where we’re going

Organizations are using Sketchbox’s immersive learning platform to remotely prepare their workforce, faster, at significantly lower costs.

Defence Forces are drastically decreasing time to readiness, and becoming more prepared for national security threats. Energy companies are saving lives by better preparing their employees and reducing the likelihood of dangerous accidents. Organizations who specialize in manufacturing no longer have to shut down facilities to run training exercises, which has allowed them to drastically reducing travel costs and improve output. And this is just the beginning.

We are working to build a future where the barriers, geographic and otherwise, that prevent people from accessing opportunities disappear altogether.